We are waiting. Waiting for letters/emails. Word. Wondering: did she get in?

This is the week we start finding out which schools have accepted my daughter. It’s awful to think how much of her future depends on this. Not all of it, but enough to make a big difference. So the stress is here, and the headaches and stomach upsets and the interrupted sleep that goes with it. Getting into a “good” school is so highly valued, especially by later employers, that it really is a concern. But, even if that were not a factor, there is the social value. Will she get to where the “I got into a Good School” badge? Or will she be hanging her head, feeling like a failure?

I try to ignore the status symbol game, but unfortunately you can’t. As I said, it can matter for getting a job, and those definitely come in handy. Our value as a person depends on what’s on the paper. The CV, resume, college transcript, or alphabet soup after your name are what recommend you. Not how nice a person you are, whether you can be kind to others even when you’re hungry or in pain, or how many times you’ve shoveled your elderly neighbor’s walk. That says a lot about you, but not enough. Not “out in the world”.

Well, good luck, kiddo.  I’ll be happy with whatever makes you happy.


Cellos for sheep?

Cellos for sheep sounds pretty strange. They don’t have thumbs, after all. They would also never be able to sit properly in their little chairs. So there you go. A bunch of sheep with a bunch of cellos, and seemingly no point of intersection. But does there really need to be? Why not just have them together for the beauty of it?

We spend a lot of time here in the US worrying how something will look.  Will it be productive, cost effective, and appropriate for a certain demographic.

I’m choosing to take a step back from all that and utter that time honored reason: ‘Cuz!

Every now and then you just have to step back from that line. Your toes are getting tired anyway. Step away from the fight, the grind, the tension, and for just a few minutes let yourself be yourself. No processing. No worries. Authentic. You.

So who are you now? In this moment? How do you feel? Lighter? Open? Free? Or scared? Naked? Threatened? We’re not used to this, that’s for sure. The societal mold shapes us early and often, and will never let go until death unless we make it so. It’s up to you – I can’t do it for you, and I wouldn’t even if I could. It doesn’t have to be for long. Just a moment has the potential to be life changing.

It all boils down to trust. Trust in the universe, trust in yourself, and trust that somewhere out there in the great cosmos there are sheep playing cellos.

Be at peace friends, with yourself and with others.